Best Credit Card Knife of 2021 – A Complete Buying Guide

The name might be a turn-off for heavy-duty knife users, but credit card shaped knife blades do possess a bundle of practical applications. Trust me when I say this. Credit card knives replicate the design of an actual credit card that easily slips into a wallet or purse. The blade is sharp enough to finely slice an apple for breakfast or perform general low-key chores in the woods.

Top 5 Best Credit Card Knives: Editor’s Pick

And the best part? The tools are extremely affordable. For a couple of dollars, you can own this amazing pocket-sized knife that will not only come handy during everyday tasks, but will also give that extra dose of confidence when you’re traveling alone. Let’s take a quick glance over some of the essential features that make the best credit card knives.

Best Credit Card Knives Review:

1. Iain Sinclair Design Cardsharp2 Credit Card Sized Folding Knife

Iain Sinclair Design Cardsharp2 Credit Card Sized Folding Knife
  • ULTRA THIN - 2.2 mm thick (traditional Stanley utility knife body thickness...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - 13 grams (Stanley knife @150 grams, Leatherman @ 85...
  • SAFETY - Blade edge is protected when stored in wallet or kit bag....

This British made knife has set the benchmark really high for other manufacturers from the very dawn of its existence. The feather-light folding knife consists of a justly sharp 2.2 mm thick blade which unfolds and locks back to its place like charm. The latest version boasts of a two-part safety lock mechanism is indeed a clever up gradation by the company to enhance the safety level. From intricate tasks in the forest to basic chores around your house and office, Sinclair has all the qualities to make your life easier. It’s an ideal handy tool for both men and women with minimal needs from a knife.

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2. Boker Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife

Boker Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife
  • Titanium liner
  • 2-1/4 in. straight edge constructed of 440C stainless steel
  • Can be worn in shirt pocket or carried in wallet

The Boker credit card miniature dagger is a solid need-specific knife for folks who are fussy about the quality all the time. It’s incredibly useful, razor sharp 2.25 inch blade is made from a premium tanto 440C stainless steel. The blade material itself speaks for the quality of the knife. Neither it chips or collects rust easily. This super sharp blade is adhered to an equally efficient G-10 handle that is neatly contoured for a no-slip, comfortable grip. Here are a few quick tips for maintaining the knife: first, wipe the blade regularly after use using a soft cotton ball. Second, do not fold the knife in order to prevent the locking system from weakening. If you follow these suggestions, the knife is going to serve you for an exceptionally long time.

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3. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SOGAC77 Access Card 2.0 Knife

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SOGAC77 Access Card 2.0 Knife
  • Straight Edge Folding Knife
  • Arc-Lock Locking Mechanism Provides Strength, Speed, Safety & Durability
  • INCLUDES Removable/Reversible Low Carry Pocket Clip

SOG knives earned a special reputation for itself among niche customers when it was used in the Vietnam war. SOG Access Card bears the legacy of its longer and sturdier ancestors that have been used in numerous military-grade operations and survival purposes. This product features a unique 2.125 inch, 3/16” thick VG-10 blade which renders a number of practical applications in adverse conditions. SOG’s trademark ARC lock system utilized here allows easy one-hand opening of the blade. The reliable locking mechanism ensures maximum safety when the tool is kept inside the pocket or bag. The pocket clip included in the device acts as a money clip on demand. Plus, there are a couple of accessories encapsulated in the same frame for versatile applications.

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Features of a Quality Credit Card Knife

Credit Card knives are the effect manifestation of the famous saying that good things come in small packages. From the heftiest survival knives to mini pocket knives, each kind has its own specific uses and the customers are requested not to apply it for something it’s not meant to do. Credit card knives are composed of a couple of removable parts that come in handy in different situations. The three multi-level folding system engineered in these products automatically convert the knife into an all-purpose tool like the swiss army knife. A decent knife is sure to include basic implements (apart from a blade) such as screwdriver, a toothpick, a ball pen, a LED light, a box opener, a bottle opener and many more.

Portability is another key strength of a credit card shaped knife. The best credit card knives have a clip point design which helps to keep the blade safely folded in the bag and prevents accidental deployment. Plus, a solid in-built sheath is also included to keep the blade as well as other tools safe from dust and weather elements. It’s one of kind scalpel design that doesn’t struggle much to fit easily into your pocket or wallet. If you think when it comes limited sized knives like these, your choices are limited too, you certainly need to know more.

In reality, credit card knives are available in various designs, each with its own set of pros and cons. You have options for the blade too. Teflon glazed or natural stainless steel, choose the one that suits your needs better. The open or fold over designs facilitates ultimate quickness. Subtle tasks like cutting the bush, rope or soft vegetables and fruits feels like a breeze when you have a mini dagger like this is always present in your pocket. Despite of a tiny size, the blade is robust enough to stand strong for years unless you put too much strain on it.

Among the other important aspects which you mustn’t overlook while searching for the best credit card knife for your specific requirements include the handle design. It should ideally come with a rubber hand guard for firm grip and extra safety from accidental slipping. Next on the list is waterproof fastening system that aids quick-releasing with a single press of thumb. All in all, credit card knives have all the attributes that make them a humble EDC cum robust pocket knife.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly considering options that various recognized brands have in store, analyzing the product specs side by side is the fastest and most effective way to end your shopping on a happy note. One very important thing I’d like to add here is that when it comes to buying something as critical as a knife, never settle for anything other than a branded product, for obvious reasons. With that note, it’s a wrap for today’s article on Credit Card knives and everything about them. Hope that comes to help to make sure purchase a successful one and you get the best value for money deal (do I need to mention how cool it is knowing so much about knives?).