4 Best Electric Knives of 2021 – Reviews

Electric knives sound like a latest entry in the world of gadgets and gizmos but surprisingly, they are not. It has been embraced by people back from 1970. Electric knives were mostly sold during Thanksgiving dinner for finely slicing the turkey meat to perfection. From the dawn of its invention till today, the overall construction including every minute detail has gone through tremendous makeover.

The best electric knives of this decade have more than one application, they work like charm on tender meat and bread and finally they are very safe to use. If you are tired of your dull kitchen knife ending up shredding the chicken every single time, it is the right time to buy a cool electric knife.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Electric Knife?

Electric knives are specifically designed for meat cutting purposes. The only other food item you can use it on is bread. Don’t expect this tool to work smoothly on soft foods or tough red meats as well. Obvious cons aside, electric knives are an excellent device for the avid meat (poultry meat) eaters as well as cooking-lovers. Not that it can’t cut red meat at all, the reason I’d recommend you to avoid it because the blade may damage while hitting the tough bone during the process.

Top 5 Best Electric Knives: Editor’s Pick

Speed is the biggest selling point of an electric knife. The roasted turkey which could take as long as 10 minutes to slice manually will roughly require a minute with an electric device due to the rapid movement of the blade. Next benefit is perfection. You’ll be amazed to see how each and every piece is evenly cut within a blink of the eye. Only a masterchef having a deep culinary acumen can do something like this. Last but not the least, the primary work here is done by electricity, not your hand. Therefore you have to exert a lot less force on the knife to achieve desirable results.

4 Best Electric Knives Review:

1. Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife

Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife
  • 9” Offset Serrated Blades - The stainless steel blades saw rapidly and...
  • Comfort Grip Handle - The ergonomic handle is engineered to increase...
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts - The removable blades are dishwasher-safe for fast...

This highly affordable electric cutter from house of Black and Decker can be a nice, not-so-little addition to your kitchen arsenal. Despite of an exceptionally low price, it has all the necessary features of a top-end device including safety lock. It prevents the blade from sudden deployment as you have to press a button on the side of the handle while holding down the trigger. This is a great addition to keep the mischievous kiddos safe from accidents. The slicer boasts of a 9 inches long stainless steel blade adhered to a contoured handle along with a built-in stand.

All the blades are placed closely side by side to prevent the tender meat from damaging or shredding. The stand helps you place the appliance on the kitchen counter in a read-to-use position. Cleaning the blade is not difficult at all as steel blades are completely dishwasher safe and can be touched up quickly whenever needed.

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2. Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40

Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40
  • Set includes 2 high quality stainless steel blades. 1 for carving meat and...
  • The butcher block holding tray stores the knifes and motor base when not in...
  • The ergonomically designed handle has a one-touch pressure-activated on/off...

Cusinart CEK-40 is the flagship product of the most trusted brands in the kitchenware industry. It comes with a compact wood storage block base that fits easily on the counter and shrinks into any corner of the kitchen without lending too much space. There are two stainless steel blades included in the knife which can be flickered open in one-go and runs effortlessly on soft meats, vegetables and bread.

The ergonomic handle allows the pitch-perfect degree of force to each slice, therefore you get evenly cut pieces at every attempt. It operates on a powerful motor that alone does half the job for you. The one-touch release is a wonderful feature that lets you switch on and of the trigger in seconds ,thus reducing the risk of hand injury. There’s also a black safety lock to hold the blade firmly in its position inside the block. The 4 foot long cord is long enough not to be a barrier between you and your freedom of locomotion.

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3. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Set with Case

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Set with Case
  • Perfect for Meats & breads: Easily carves through everything from meats,...
  • Stainless steel blades and fork: This Electric knife features reciprocating...
  • Ergonomic Handle: Designed to fit comfortably in either hand, The Electric...

The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is a corded electric carving knife with two 7.5 inches long stainless steel, serrated, durable cutting blades that evenly slices turkey or any poultry meat like breeze. The size of the blade is the primary strength of the knife. It is easy to handle and offers good speed and accuracy. The two blades move smoothly back and forth to prevent mess or deformation to the tender meat or loaf.

The sizeable textured handle provides comfort grip and great balance on the cutting action. For the same reason, this knife is highly suitable for cutting sandwiches as well. A couple of non-slip trigger guards have been attached to the handle for uncompromising safety against finger slip offs. The risk of blade tugging or accidental releasing is nil because of its solid locking system. The entire set comes neatly packaged in a cool gray case with moulded foam insert.

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4. American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife

The American Angler Pro Electric fillet knife is a stunning electric filleting knife for outdoor uses. The aesthetically-pleasing matte, orange ABS plastic finish frame includes an array of blades for consistent and splutter-free cutting function. The strength of the blade stems from its all-metal transmission. The plastic body is intentionally vented to avoid unnecessary heat build-up during extended usage. Its high torque makes working with big fishes and poultry a seamless task. The knife also has a rubberized strip stuck on the top for comfort-grip.

The handle is a tad longer than usual electric knife handles which could be turn-off for people with small hands. You won’t, nonetheless, find any issues with portability as it offers an 8 inch long cord, good enough for outdoor applications. Apart from 5 multipurpose blades, the set also includes a Teflon mesh glove and a mesh bag. This attractive package might require you to drop in around a hundred dollars (checked at the time of writing) which is totally worth it considering the practical application and product quality.

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How to Choose the Best Electric Knife?

Blade length

The correct blade size of an electric knife is determined by what type of foods you’ll often cut with it. For fishes, a small knife equipped with a thin blade will be ideal as larger knivesstruggle to move smoothly along the fillet. If you’re keen to buy a knife for carving large poultry animals like turkey or chicken, it will be wise to go for a blade that is at least 9-10 inches long. Longer blades are ideal for producing jumbo slices of your favourite non-veg delicacies.

Blade material

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in the construction of electric knives. It is simply because steel doesn’t easily collect rust or stain, plus, the maintenance is hassle-free. These days a few brands have also introduced chrome-made and synthetic blades which are definitely not as solid as the good old steel blades.

Cordless or Corded/Power Source

There isn’t any harrowing difference between both. The reason why many people prefer cordless over corded models is that the former provides greater maneuverability and precision. Cordless knives are convenient use at any corner of the house or outside. However, there’s an inevitable shortcoming to this freedom. The power supply of such knives is sourced from battery, if you use the machine only once in a while, the knife itself will collect dust in the cupboard and the battery may wear out in the meantime.

Electric or Battery-Operated? Which is a Better Choice?

That’s a very frequently asked question by potential customers. Well, both have their own share of merits and demerits. Battery-operated knives facilitate ultimate freedom as you can carry it anywhere for there is no cord to get in the way. On the downside, you have to charge it for a while before using. As far as the electric knives are concerned, they are way more powerful than cordless devices, you should certainly go for a device fuelled by electricity for the best quality meat cuts.


Too much vibration during the cutting process is a major drawback of poorly made electric slicer handles. While you can’t really do anything much to tone down the vibration, an ergonomically sound textured handle may aid you in keeping your hand stable. The top electric knives integrate quality handles, perfectly angled to fit firmly in your palm.


Using any kind of knife involves a certain amount of risk of accidental finger cuts. In order to keep the children in the house away from switching on the knife, special safety features like locking trigger and double-trigger has to be utilized in a razor sharp electric slicer.

Final Verdict

The best electric knives, irrespective of their price and brand, have two qualities in common. First, they don’t chip or crack easily. Two, they don’t shred the meat. All you get is a plateful of neatly sliced roasted turkey or chicken to decorate a tempting spread on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.

The sole purpose of this article was to guide you throughout your shopping. In an effort to ensure you get nothing but the best for your hard earned money, being aware of what you’re buying is imperative. Having access to internet is a huge plus as you can get the most authentic product specs and reviews of almost every popular model here. So take your time, research a bit and grab the best deal.