9 Best Multi Tool – A Comprehensive Guide

You’re the Mr. or Ms. Fix-it-all in a blink of an eye person of the home, right? You spend half of your day playing with screws and nut bolts of every machine existing within your eyesight and the other half looking for a beer bottle opener or a nail filer? A multipurpose tool kit is essentially an all-inclusive toolbox to help you save your time and effort of finding and using the right tool for the right purpose. Most branded multi tools usually contain 7-10 utility tools while some top-scale, expensive models go steps ahead and include as many as 30 plus features is one case.

Top 5 Best  Multi tool: Editor Pick’s

Choosing the best multi tool for your requirement isn’t as easy as you think. There’s so many to choose from and the cash in your hand in probably too limited. Allow me to let my knowledge and enthusiasm about tactical devices be useful to you, my readers, in the form of multi tool reviews, while you’re up and doing for getting the best bang for your buck.


Best Multi Tool 2019- Reviews

1. Original Wave Multitool with Scissors and Eyeglass Screwdriver Bit,

Original Wave Multitool with Scissors and Eyeglass Screwdriver Bit,
  • READY FOR ANYTHING: The Wave is hands down our most popular multitool. With...
  • FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The Wave is equipped with 17 tools, including...
  • LET'S BE PRACTICAL: Sometimes you only have one hand to spare. The Wave...

Leatherman Wave is a darling among the mass and monopolizing the market for almost a decade since it’s first launched. The new Wave is an enhanced version which replaced the older Wave in the year 2004. The new and improved Wave stuffed with 17 premium utility tools in one finely structured body is a class of its own. The multi-tool is small enough to carry anywhere and offers 2 pilers, two super sharp 420HC knives, a diamond coated file, 2 screwdrivers, wire cutters, 2 double ended bits, a regular bottle opener and many more, each implement, to my sheer delight, is made from 100% 420HC stainless steel.

To add to the ease of portability and safety of the appliance, Leatherman Wave comes neatly covered in a leather/nylon sheath with a lanyard attachment. Stunning design, infallible performance are the two main reasons why Wave has continued to be an undisputed king of multi tools.

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2. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier

Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier
  • True one-handed deployment
  • Industrial strength components are larger and stronger
  • 15 total tools

Gerber Diesel Multi-piler, made from the toughest and highly durable stainless steel is an industrial strength multi-tool that can deliver under pressure and abuse. The device is delivered to you in a sturdy ballistic nylon sheath which keeps the product safeguarded against the wear and tear of weather. All the functional tools are patented, the size of each tool is big enough to provide a tight grip over the specimen. It is equipped with needle nose pilers that can be deployed with a flickering of the thumb.

I was particularly impressed by the partially serrated knife that can tear apart almost anything you want. The small, medium and large screwdrivers are efficient enough to handle general odd jobs at home. The contoured handle provides ultimate convenience of use and feels firm in your grip. In a market solely dominated by Leatherman models, Gerber Diesel multi-plier manages to get an enviable amount of attention from the consumers around the globe, for all the valid reasons.

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3. LEATHERMAN, Charge Plus TTi Titanium Multitool

LEATHERMAN, Charge Plus TTi Titanium Multitool
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: This upgraded version of the original Charge combines some...
  • 19 TOOLS IN 1: Get it all done with pliers, replaceable wire cutters, wire...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our...

The Leatherman Charge TTi has 19 different tools such as a high quality S30V steel knife and 420HC serrated knife displaying a cutting hook, a medium screwdriver, a saw etc. compacted in one frame with which you can accomplish almost any general task at home or office. It includes a handle rotates between close and open position. All the tools are fit in a locked engagement along with a handle by an implement called cantilevered tool placed on the handle. The solid, stain-proof titanium construction doesn’t weigh more than 8.2 ounces and the implements are easy to discharge.

This sharply designed multi-tool allows al the implements to be accessed from outside with a single press of thumb to improve the ease of use. The strongest of among the 19 utility tools is undoubtedly the eyeglass screwdriver that comes very handy during a repair or maintenance job around the house.

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4. Victroinox Swiss Army SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet

Victroinox Swiss Army SwissTool Spirit Plus Ratchet
  • Features 38 robust functions to complete your toolbox including - Needle...
  • Stainless steel construction provides lightweight and lasting durability...
  • Unique design allows you to access each tool individually from the outside...

Swiss Tool Spirit XC is the ultimate expression of Victor in ox’s legacy of manufacturing state-of-the-art, classic multi-tools. The culmination of spectacular visual grandeur, unflinching functionality and aerodynamics raises Swiss Tool Spirit to the status of an unparallel contender in this highly competitive list of the best multi tools currently available in the market. If you’re a hobbyist willing to spend unhesitatingly on a fancy multi-tool kit, Swiss Tool Spirit is here to woo you with 26 folding implements stuffed in it.

While the locking blade system tightens the security of the knife when folded or in use, the minimal weight heightens the portability. The tactical tools include a multipurpose hook which is extremely helpful in the campsite or during outdoor travelling, then there’s a Phillips screwdriver, a wire cutter for thin and soft wires, a pair of needle nosed pilers, a scissor, a crate opener and almost everything else required to survive emergency situations. I would advise you to buy a high end model like this only if you intend to fully utilize all the functions.

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5. LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool

LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: A compact 5-ounce multitool with a combo knife, bit...
  • 7 TOOLS IN 1: Includes a knife, pliers, a large exchangeable bit driver,...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our...

Want to own a cool Leatherman without breaking a bank? Leatherman skeletal lands on the lower end of the cost spectrum? This 5 ounce multi tool package with a combination of 7 tools is there to assist and accompany you in your never ending odd jobs in and outside the house. Keeping in mind the limited number of the implements, Leatherman Skletol is a model specifically designed to serve the very basic everyday tasks. The body of the Skeletal is composed of stainless steel along with 6061-T6 handle scales angled perfectly to meet the contour of your hand.

There’s a bottle opener, a partially serrated knife made from 420HC stainless steel, a pair of regular cutters, pilers and needle nose pliers, a large bit driver and a hand-wire cutter crammed inside this full-size tactical tool. The light weight and closely packaged design are main attractions of the device. It easy fits to your keychain and helps you get through the majority of general tasks.

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6. Gerber 07400 DET Multi-Plier 600 with Blasting Cap Crimper

Gerber 07400 DET Multi-Plier 600 with Blasting Cap Crimper
  • Ruggid and reliable design in all our products
  • Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial...
  • All producdts are field tested

Gerber 600 enrolled its name to the honorary list of tactical tools approved by the Explosive Ordinance Disposal EOD unit of the US army. A multi tool with a caliber to offer limitless opportunities is definite choice for the collectors. DET is empowered with a C4 punch, a universal coupler and a blasting cap crimper which makes it an unrivalled portable implement in the EOD field. The ingenious design with black oxide finish gives it a reflective resistant on the field. The Rem Grit saw fitted to the DET further attest to the master craftsmanship of Gerber.

The blade finds no difficulty in tearing almost anything, be it an ordinary wire or a ballistic cord. The wrist flick deployment system is nothing short of a blessing in tricky situations when only one hand is free. If the above description makes you think DET is solely meant for military purposes, you’re wrong. It’s equally instrumental in performing every task at home or in garden. With a cross point and a large flat blade screwdriver, a filer, a can opener plus a wire cutter, Gerber 600 is equal to a toolbox in a miniature form.

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7. Crunch Multitool with Folding Locking Pliers and Pin Vise,

Crunch Multitool with Folding Locking Pliers and Pin Vise,
  • TAKE A BITE OUT OF ANY JOB: A compact, 4-inch multitool with foldable...
  • 15 TOOLS IN 1: Features a variety of pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper,...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our...

What makes Leatherman Crunch stand out in the competition with its own fraternity is the locking pilers or adjustable vice grip that is a unique addition in full-sized EDC equipment. Looking for a safe and reliable multi tool to perform electrical works? The vice grip will easy convert itself to a wire stripper whenever the situation demands. In addition to the lock pilers, there are total 14 specialty tools cased in a stainless steel frame which can be operated by fully opening the equipment.

Implements like a bottle opener, a pin vice, a pair of regular wire cutters, a 420HC serrated knife, screwdriver and hex driver have a great share of practical uses both indoors and outdoors. Despite being loaded with features, Crunch’s weigh is minimal and the compact size makes it a perfect fit for your jeans pocket.

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8. MUT Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Firearm Tools,

MUT Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Firearm Tools
  • READY FOR ANYTHING: A tactical multitool designed to maintain military gear...
  • 14 TOOLS IN 1: Pliers, wire cutters and crimper, knife, saw, cutting hook,...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our...

Glancing over Leatherman MUT for just once is enough to enlighten you about the caliber of this sturdy, tough and unquestionably stylish multipurpose tool. The shimmering black oxide coating on the body is sure to make you fall in love with it at first sight. The superior ergonomics, nicely contoured handle and locked blade system allows it to be applied in a number of difficult situations in the field. This is one of those rare multi-tools which can be utilized by both military personnel and homeowners with equal ease and precision, such is the genius of Leatherman. The replaceable bronze scrapper is added to help you remove the carbon build-up on a carrier of firearm.

Another smacking functional tool very uncommon in micro tactical devices is the textured hammer, it can be used in pounding stakes, splitting firewood or flatten a material in the camp sites. Coupled with this, there’s a hard wire cutter and a wire crimper to perform electrical works with integrity and precision. Leatherman’s replaceable cutting hook makes MUT a dream come true device for the outdoor life enthusiast.

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9. Super Tool 300 Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters,

Super Tool 300 Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters
  • GET WORK DONE: Built with the strongest pliers we've ever produced, a...
  • 19 TOOLS IN 1 HAND: The Super Tool 300 features knives, pliers,...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our...

Well, Leatherman Super Tool is a mighty beast, that’s how many would sum up this product in a nutshell. With total 19 different tools onboard including replaceable hard and regular wire cutters, stranded wire cutters, a saw, a wood/metal file, a 9-inch ruler and many more, Super Tool is the ultimate flag-bearer of Leatherman’s age-long heritage. People who want to eliminate the need to carry a toolbox to fix electrical mishaps in the house, garage or factory should give the Electrical Crimper of this model a try.

Each and every tool is designed to perfection and allows a common man to tinker with almost anything and fix things like a pro. The 4.5 inches size of the machine alienates from the league of those lightweight, compact mini multi-tools but certainly doesn’t hamper the vastness of application in any possible way.

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Things to Look For in a Multipurpose Tool

Knife blade

Although a multi-tool has a variety of implements encased in one single metal frame, the most extensively used (and also the one to tolerate the maximum abuse) tool is the knife. Of course, it won’t serve as well as a dedicated pocketsurvivalmachetehunting or skinning knife. You can still use it well as an EDC knife replacement. To check out whether the quality of the blade is up to the mark or not is mandatory while making your purchase.

Most brands ranking high on the basis of consumer’s choice have a knack for 420HC stainless steel which is considered to be extremely sturdy and edge-retentive, so you don’t need to worry about keeping a knife sharpener at your disposal all the time. 154CM isn’t a bad choice either but it lacks the sturdiness, hardness, wear resistance capacity and sharpness of a 420HC stainless steel blade.


Ergonomics and design are the very foundation of any tactical equipment. Multi-tools come in many shapes and sizes, selecting the right one comes down to what your applications will be. Strong ergonomics and user-friendly design increase the practicality as well as the level of comfort while using the device. A clever design adds certain characteristics to the model that distinguishes it from the other models in terms of quality and popularity. The best designed multi-tools are those which allows minimal gunk to collect, thus eliminating the need of cleaning frequently.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you have to pay for a mini multi-tool. Let’s admit, we all have a set budget for a multi tool and we want to make the best use of our hard earned money. There are plenty of specialty tools under $50 dollars that would give their expensive counterparts a real run for money. The drift is to acquire sufficient knowledge about the ergonomics and functions of various brands, compare the prices and you’re all set!

Final Verdict – Did You Find Out Your Best Multi Tool Yet?

The perfect multi tool works like an extension of our hands. The reason why I feel no one should be without an EDC tool is that you will need almost every day, for some purpose or the other. Multi tools are like miniature toolboxes that could be maneuvered even single-handedly. It’s completely up to you to decide which tools you want to see in your personalized toolbox.

To decide which multi-tool will be the best fit for your budget, you need to be well aware how you intend to use it. Side by side the feature-loaded, upscale models, there are many lesser flamboyant models providing a value for money deal. So, it’s a wise move to carefully read multi tool reviews before picking a particular option. The only way to end up finish your hunt for the best multi tool with a note of triumph is to research thoroughly.