6 Best Skinning Knife of 2021 – Reviews

Best Skinning Knife

No professional hunter or wildlife enthusiast can survive the extreme condition of a jungle without a skinning knife, particularly used for hunting and skinning the hides of games. Keeping in view the application of these knives, manufacturers prefer to keep the weight and size as limited as possible. A poor quality knife is the last … Read more

Best Knife Sharpener of 2021 – Review and Guide

Best Knife Sharpener

Having the best knife sharpener is a chef’s soul. Have you ever noticed the spark in his eyes when he makes those artistic julienne cut or thin slices of veggies? But, it doesn’t matter if it’s a everyday-carry (EDC) knife, machete, or even a skinning knife as all knives do get worn out with time. With a blunt knife, … Read more

16 Best Hunting Knife 2021 – Top Pick’s by an Expert Hunter

Best Hunting Knife

Hunting is an activity in human civilization that has been around for a long time. Initially, hunting was essential for survival as it was among the primary sources of food. In contemporary times, hunting is an activity that most people take up for the thrill of the hunt. Different gear is available to facilitate this … Read more

4 Best Electric Knives of 2021 – Reviews

Best Electric Knives

Electric knives sound like a latest entry in the world of gadgets and gizmos but surprisingly, they are not. It has been embraced by people back from 1970. Electric knives were mostly sold during Thanksgiving dinner for finely slicing the turkey meat to perfection. From the dawn of its invention till today, the overall construction including … Read more

Best EDC Knives of 2021 – Reviews

Best EDC Knives

EDC knife is an abbreviated term for Every Day Carry knife. EDC knives is essentially a subset of mini pocket knives which excel in terms of versatility but fail to perform lab our- intensive tasks like slicing the meat, combating enemies or skinning games. There are different knives for those particular purposes. What it feels like … Read more

Best Fillet Knives for Salmon in 2021 – Your All-in-One Guide

Best Fillet Knives

Culinary art thrives on perfection, precision and an overwhelming passion for the art itself. From the preparation of a dish to garnishing it, everything has to be pitch-perfect in order to serve the guest with the best. This ever-increasing demand for accuracy in food making has prompted the cutlery items manufacturers to come with products … Read more

9 Best Multi Tool – A Comprehensive Guide

Best Multi Tool

You’re the Mr. or Ms. Fix-it-all in a blink of an eye person of the home, right? You spend half of your day playing with screws and nut bolts of every machine existing within your eyesight and the other half looking for a beer bottle opener or a nail filer? A multipurpose tool kit is … Read more

Best Spyderco Knife – A Review of Spyderco Tenacious G-10

Best Spyderco Knife

Spyderco Tenacious has been a glorious name in the world of folding pocket knives since time immemorial. I have personally used tenacious G-10 and found it pretty efficient as an EDC knife. Pocket knives are much more than just knives, it’s a multitool that comes extremely handy for common everyday activities like cutting wires, opening … Read more

Best Credit Card Knife of 2021 – A Complete Buying Guide

Best Credit Card Knife

The name might be a turn-off for heavy-duty knife users, but credit card shaped knife blades do possess a bundle of practical applications. Trust me when I say this. Credit card knives replicate the design of an actual credit card that easily slips into a wallet or purse. The blade is sharp enough to finely … Read more