Victorinox Kitchen Knives – Perfect Blend of Everything

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Forschner Victorinox kitchen and utility knives are the best rated and reviewed stainless steel stamped knives. They are manufactured by the Swiss company Forschner Victorinox and follow the tradition of precise craftsmanship that is the signature of all Swiss knives.

Before you decide on what kitchen knives to buy for your home use, you should know the different types of knives first. There are the forged knives which is the traditional method of making knives. This method uses melted steel which are poured into moulds and then polished and ground until they are smooth and free of excesses. The handles of these knives have the distinctive three rivets that hold it to the tang of the blade. Then there are the stamped knives which are manufactured from a single piece of metal sheet cut out to a particular shape. These are flatter, less dense, and definitely lighter than the forged type. The Forschner Victorinox kitchen knives offer both the stamped and the forged knives. However, the more popular are the stamped knives for they are more economical and easier to handle on the most part.

Fortunately, stamped or not, the Forschner Victorinox kitchen knives still function very well. In fact, the reviews on these knives are all positive regarding the safety and slip resistance handles that make them favoured by many.

All of the Forschner Victorinox kitchen knives go through the seven standards for quality knives which are: blade sharpness, blade smoothness, blade sharpness retention after a specified time, the make, comfort on the handling, balance, and the most important, and resistance from corrosion and rust that would eventually develop through continued use.

Choosing knives is really dependent on the personal preference of the one who is buying. If it is for home use, Amazon would recommend the Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set at a discounted price of $179.95 which is rated a 5/5 in customer satisfaction. The set will be a good addition to the kitchen counter and the block is a definite space saver. Of course there are other offers as well like gift sets and individual knives, the choices are out there and they are all good.

Regarding expectations on the performance of the knives, so far these knives have the best rating even from chefs who have individual standards. The ‘feel’ of the knives when used is just right whether it is stamped or forged.

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